Bubblestrat 3.0 +++ confirmed

Here with several researchers from Team Pride Seattle to share with you our continued work on implementing and testing new phases of bubblestrat combinations as the world of POGO continues evolving.
After working with GamePress and bringing the concept of modified bubble defenders (confusion defenders) way back in October 2016 through research by Team Pride members Jamesn01 and RollingCode, we have continued to refine and test our data with both Gen1 and Gen2 Pokémon.
Tested thoroughly yesterday (02/18/2017) and initially discovered by Team Pride Seattle members Jamesn01 and Lohshi /u/407145 , this variation of bubblestrat extends previous data on the viability of Pokémon using extremely slow attacks as defenders (relatively large CD numbers) and attackers that have 1 or more of the following capabilities:

-Low CD numbers on their fast move.
-High DPS on their fast move.
-STAB bonus of their fast move
-High Attack to (Defense + Defense) Ratio
-Type advantage against defenders

The first verified use of Bubblestrat 3.0 (+++) was the following combination:

Attacker: lvl 1 Haunter w/ Shadowclaw
Defender: lvl 1/1.5 Kadabra w/ Confusion (lvl 1.5 confirmed by /u/-Freya)

Being the new "Bubble" at 20 total damage and a CD of 2.10 seconds (also having been used thoroughly by Team Pride members before the recent Gen2 drop and subsequent CD increase) Confusion was the ideal candidate for exploitation.

Other combinations of confusion defender/attackers have been confirmed by Team Pride members Lohshi, RebeccaRainbow, Captoreum, Pinkyunicornn, KaminariCayl /u/arbitus , BreeRex85, iNokee and Jamesn01:

Attacker: lvl 1 Haunter w/ Shadow Claw
Defender: lvl 1 Butterfree w/ Confusion

Attacker: lvl 1.5 Dratini w/ Dragon Breath
Defender: lvl 1 Kadabra w/ Confusion

The following Matchups have been submitted by Reddit users on this thread.

Attacker: lvl 2 Diglett w/ Scratch (If attack IV for Diglett is greater than 9 this combo will always work according to research by /u/labter
Defender: lvl 1 Raichu w/ Volt Switch
confirmed by /u/Kvltrve

Attacker: Lvl 2 Diglett w/ scratch
Defender: legacy lvl 1 Weeping Bell w/ Razorleaf
Tested by /u/rodndor (awaiting video evidence)

Attacker: lvl 1 Krabby w/ Bubble
Defender: lvl 1 Raichu w/ Volt Switch
Confirmed by /u/PiledHigherDerpier

Attacker: lvl 1 Haunter w/ Shadow Claw
Defender: lvl 1.5 Horsea w/ Bubble
Tested by /u/dondon151 with varying success (awaiting video evidence)

Attacker: lvl 1 Kadabra w/ Confusion
Defender: lvl 2.5/3 Ghastly w/ Astonish
Theorized by /u/vlfph and tested by /u/dondon151 (Awaiting video evidence)

Attacker: lvl 1 Dragonair w/ Dragon Breath
Defender: lvl 1 Kadabra w/ confusion
Theorized by /u/needhelptmo (Should be a natural extension of Dratini vs. Kadabra. Awaiting video evidence)

The following matchups have been theorized to generate 1000 prestige by /u/vlfph and need to be confirmed

Attacker: lvl 1.5/2 Diglett w/ Mud Slap
Defender: lvl 1.5 Ghastly w/ astonish

Attacker: lvl 2 Diglett w/ scratch
Defender: lvl 1.5 Ghastly w/ Astionish

Attacker: lvl 1 Dratini w/ Dragon Breath
Defender: lvl 1.5 Ghastly w/ Astonish

Attacker: lvl 1 Haunter w/ Shadow Claw
Defender: lvl 2.5/3 Ghastly w/ Astonish

Attacker: lvl 1 Staryu/Horsea/Remoriad w/ Water Gun (Very specific IVs required)
Defender: lvl 1 Slugma w/ Ember

Please let us know if you have additional combinations you have confirmed in game (not via simulators) as we'd love to add to this list!
Also, a big shot out to everyone in Team Pride Seattle and Team Pride Vegas for consistently working hard to find the best possible ways to ensure enjoyable and efficient gym runs!

Interesting details:

-CD on Shadow Claw landed twice is 2.40 seconds (1.20 + 1.20) yet it hits before a single Confusion at 2.10 seconds.
-Astonish w/ Haunter does not hit twice like Shadow Claw even though it has a lower CD number (1.05 seconds) Currently researching about the specifics behind Ghastly w/ Astonish as it has been tested by user /u/dondon151
-Dratini w/ Dragon Breath is able to land 3 separate Dragon Breath attacks with a total CD of 3.00 seconds (1.00 + 1.00 + 1.00) before damage is assessed from a single Confusion attack.

Edit 1: added /u/Kvltrve credit for verifying Volt Switch viability for Bubble defense.
Edit 2: removed the misclassification of Dratini w/ Dragon Breath as a Legacy moveset.

Edit 3: Corrected incorrect level requirement for Diglett
Edit 4: Added various Confirmed/Tested combinations
Edit 5: Formatting


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