More is comming !

Hi everyone,

We just created a blog to bring people together and get ideas to bring the website more useful.

For now, we are testing a new tools for our website.

The tool will be a Time Helper. Explaination will follow.

This tool will help you capture the pokemon with more efficiency and less time wasted.

Example, Pokemon A is a Dratini.

On the map, you see 12 Dratini and 4 that you can go capture, that are close to you.

So the tool will calculate with google map, the time to go capture the most of them.

Dratini 1 : 12 min left Dratini 2 : 18 min left Dratini 3 : 8 min left Dratini 4 : 24 min left
The tool will calculate the path to capture as much dratini as possible before they despwan.

It will help you capture the most of them and prevent you to lose more Candies or lose more captures ! That's my first explication, a youtube video will follow.


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